Right. So. OK.

After resisting the whole blog thang for so long (Like... I don't have enough to do without writing one? Like... there aren't already enough blogs in the world? Like... well, you get the picture.) I'm finally taking the plunge. It turns out, I actually do have blog-appropriate stuff to say on occasion. Who knew?

One of the things that finally got me here was a compelling thread on the wonderful Dorothy-L newsgroup.

So here I am.

(And, hopefully, my posts will get more scintillating as I get skatin' with the technology.)


Anonymous said…
Welcome, Linda! Like I said on DL-'To blog, or not to blog. That is the question.' Glad you decided to join the fray.
And what a fray! And now I'm gettin' it, Elaine: you were right, it is fun!

Thanks for the noodge.

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