Does This Seem Like a Mother’s Day Fact To You?

According to AP (who pride themselves on being right about such things) on this day “in 1917, three peasant children near Fatima, Portugal, reported seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary.”

This strikes me as salient only because it offers up a tenuous connection to Mother’s Day. (Or non-tenuous, I guess. Depending on how you're wired.)

AP offers up other “today in history” type facts (though none of them mother-related) here.

I also learned that Beatrice Arthur turns 85 today; Harvey Keitel is 68 while Stevie Wonder turns 57. Dennis Rodman turns 46 today, Stephen Colbert is 43, Darius Rucker -- if you’re into one hit wonders, you probably think of him as “Hootie” -- turns 41.


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