The One That Got Away

Over at The Rap Sheet, J. Kingston Pierce has outdone himself. To celebrate The Sheet’s first birthday, Pierce has put together a feature that runs all this week:

I recently invited scores of crime novelists, critics, and bloggers from all over the world to answer a not-so-simple question: What one crime, mystery, or thriller novel do you think has been most unjustly overlooked, criminally forgotten, or underappreciated over the years?

In the first installment, the question is answered by Megan Abbott, Charles Ardai, Robert Ferrigno, Peter Guttridge, Gar Anthony Haywood, Steve Hockensmith, Paul Johnston, Jiro Kimura, George Pelecanos and M.J. Rose. Look for 90 more over the coming week.

Happy Birthday, Rap Sheet! And, well done, Pierce!

The feature begins here.


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