Write Your Novel Now

Today, in January Magazine’s art & culture section, my review of This Year Your Write Your Novel by Walter Mosley.

If you or someone you know wants to write a novel -- really wants to write a novel -- I’m fairly certain that this book will help them get there. “I don’t promise a masterpiece,” Mosley warns in his introduction, “just a durable first novel of a certain length,” and later in the introduction he underlines this point. “I can’t promise you worldly success, but I can say that if you follow the path I lay out here, you will experience the personal satisfaction of having written a novel. And from that point, anything is possible.”

And for super alert readers, yes: this is just a faint reworking of a review I posted to The Rap Sheet a few weeks ago. But since both publications have a significantly different readership, it seemed worthwhile to make sure this amazing little book got the attention it deserves at both venues. The January review is here.


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