Headline of the Day

I love headlines. I collect them, more or less. Years ago I bought one of those supermarket tabloids just so I could snip the headline and stick it on my office wall:

Statue of Elvis Found on Mars: Satellite Beams Back All Shook Up.

(It would explain so much, wouldn’t it?)

Another favorite was from a cheesy women’s magazine from the mid-1990s that promised a column written by mature women about “Experienced Livers.”

Over the years there have been so many favorites. They make you laugh and then you forget about them. I think I have to make an effort to collect them properly -- perhaps here in this space? -- so I have some place where they’re recorded. And, if I do that, you’ll have one, too.

So, OK: the headline that brought this whole line of thought on for me today: From author Sandra Ruttan’s amusing SandaBlabber blog:

Someone Get Jesus Some Lederhosen

Isn’t that good? I mean, it’s good enough that it really doesn’t even matter what it’s headlining. It stands alone. (Unless you’re offended by the thought of Jesus in lederhosen but, if you are, you probably shouldn’t be surfing this blog.)

If you want to know what the headline is in reference to, you can hit Sandra’s blog. It’s pretty interesting stuff. If you don’t care to follow the link, at least take her comment on the thing she’s commenting on (if you follow):

Is it a full moon or some other cosmic event? Because the crazy people just keep coming out of the woodwork…

Which almost could be a quote of the week except, you know, it is a full moon. (Least it looked like it to me last night.)


Sandra Ruttan said…
Yeah, full moon, it explains a lot. We have a weirdly positioned house, and I don't always notice as a result.

But I still think those people protesting the naked Jesus are a special kind of crazy.
Yeah, you know, normally I'd agree with you. But I went looking for a link for "lederhosen." And I hit YouTube hard. And -- cor blimey! -- there's some shit up there will curl yer socks.

Yeah, OK: protesting nekkid jesus wins, fer sher. (Lederhosen! Snort! Good one.)

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