Happy Birthday Crimespace!

Happy Birthday to CrimeSpace. My, but how you’ve grown! Now well over 1000 members, CrimeSpace is a vibrant community of crime fiction enthusiasts. In a Happy Birthday posting, CrimeSpace primary perpatrator Daniel Hatadi writes:
When I started CrimeSpace on March 4th 2007, I didn’t see it living past the six month mark. I certainly didn’t see it hitting over 1000 members or winning any awards either. I just saw a hole in the crime fiction internet universe and wanted to fill it. I’m such a boy.
One year later, CrimeSpace is stronger than ever, partly due to a very recent polish by Hatadi, and partly because of the comfortable and positive environment for targeted conversations he’s created there.

Well done, Daniel! And thank you.

* Note: the photo of the cake at left was stolen without permission or apology from the “Happy Birthday CrimeSpace” posting at CrimeSpace. So there. I have no idea who took it. For all I know, it might have already been stolen when I got it.


Clea Simon said…
Wow! I guess when I joined a few months back, I didn't realize it was that young. It seems so ... established and mature! Congrats, Daniel!
Daniel Hatadi said…
That's me all over. Established and mature.


Thanks for the shout out Linda!

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