The Hats Have It

I love the implication here: that the weatherman has something to do with the outcome of the weather. A scary thought, actually!

Like all of the very best things, I found this clipping on my way to something else: while researching something for the third Kitty Pangborn novel, the book currently going under the working title of Death Was in the Blood.

And forgive me, please: I’ve been so immersed in this book and other stories that I’ve been neglecting this space. I won’t promise to try to do better -- it always irks me when people talk about how they have to write something for their blog. If they feel they have to do it, how fresh and necessary can it actually be? And, anyway, for me it’s never a shortage of things to write, but rather the time in which to write it. So many stories to tell, right?

So I won’t promise to do better, but I think I will try to do this: I encounter so much great stuff when I’m researching the Kitty Pangborn books. I think I’ll share more of it here. Some of it funny, like our hat men, here. Some of it deeply interesting and some of it the stuff of which lost secrets are made.


Tara said…
Glad to hear the WIP is coming along nicely, and I love how research bleeds into daily life.

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