I Heart Reading Groups

I always forget how much I enjoy spending time with reading groups, either on the telephone or, when possible, in person. I got to do that yesterday in James Bay in Victoria, B.C. with a really terrific group. OK, I’ll be honest: I’ve yet to meet a reading group I did not like. They’re readers, so they’re intelligent and interesting. And they want to talk about my book so... what’s not to like?

The James Bay group are currently discussing Death Was the Other Woman, which has it’s own reading group guide. If you’d like me to attend your reading group, please contact Dana and she’ll hook you up.

On the less fun front today: I’m dealing with server and quota issues on January Magazine. It’s high class complaints, in one way. We’ve gone so far over our server’s traffic quota this month, it’s created madness and confusion. We’re working on solving things right now. Meanwhile, I’m howling at the moon (and into the phone) because nothing makes me crazier than issues with background issues with January. Film at 11. (Not really.)

If this is Friday the 13th, it must not be Belgium. (Is that too obscure a reference?)


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