Is Sarah Palin’s Book A Book?

Writing on her own blog, Pinky’s Paperhaus, Los Angeles Times’ lead book blog maven, Carolyn Kellogg, eloquently argues that, despite appearances to the contrary, not only is Sarah Palin’s book not a book, Kellogg herself would rather read Edmund Morris’ biography of Ronald Reagan (that kinda says more than it says. Kellogg is skilled that way.

On Palin’s Going Rogue (snicker), Kellogg writes:
I know it comes between covers and is sold in bookstores. But it’s not a book, it’s a celebrity media push. Maybe it’s a campaign advertisement. Maybe it’s a talk show audition. Maybe it’s a prelude to a line of “you betcha!” ladies huntingwear -- who knows. But whatever it is, “Going Rogue” is not a book in the way we book people think of books.
I’ve likely quoted more of Kellogg’s delicious post than I rightly should have (it’s brief but trenchant) but check out her blog here. Her opinions are always interesting and sharply stated.


Peg Brantley said…
Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman (I read her in the Denver Post) writes: "Even women who are profoundly tired of the fact that we have to be overqualified to win are turned off by a celebrity politician who still can't admit she was wildly underqualified."

I don't recall the name of the ghost writer, but you can hardly fault her, can you? I'm sure she's hoping no one remembers her name while she cashes her share of the proceeds.

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