Jack Bauer and... Health Care?

Since David and I have been on a severe 24 kick of late (we got season 2 on DVD for Christmas. All right: we’re running a few seasons behind. But still.) it interested me to see this posting from Phyllis Smallman (author of Sex in A Sidecar and Margarita Nights) today on the mystery listserv, Dorothy-L:
For those of you who are fans of Jack I thought a little back story on Kiefer Sutherland would be interesting. His grandfather, Tommy Douglas, brought health care to Canada. The Canadian Broadcasting Company conducted a poll to find the greatest Canadian who ever lived. Tommy Douglas, Jack's grandfather, won. It's interesting to note that in his youth Tommy Douglas was considered a pretty good amateur actor.
So interesting, right? And while I knew the Sutherlands were Canadian (us Canucks have secret ways of knowing such things) I had no idea there was a connection to “greatest Canadian who ever lived” Tommy Douglas.

Hmmm... considering all the machinations currently happening on the U.S. health care front, maybe Kiefer will need to step up and pick up grandpa’s reins. There are certain cats in Washington who could maybe be made to see the light by a little Jack Bauer right about now.

* Note: I say all this while being blithely unaware of Kiefer Sutherland’s political leanings. I’m certain I know much more about Jack Bauer’s likes and dislikes and about his moral center than I do about Kiefer’s. That’s the way it’s meant to be.


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