Connecting the Dots...

Today is the anniversary of the first moonwalk: on July 20, 1969 Buzz Aldrin became the second man to walk on the moon.

Cormac McCarthy
(The Road, No Country For Old Men) was born on this day in 1933. Could these two things -- Cormac and walking on the moon -- possibly be connected? I think not. But Writer’s Almanac also tells us that is was “on this day in 1875 that the largest recorded swarm of locusts in American history descended upon the Great Plains. An estimated 3.5 trillion locusts made up the swarm. It was about 1,800 miles long and 110 miles wide, ranging from Canada down to Texas.”

Hmmmm... Buzz?

And speaking of literary days to remember, the anniversary of Hemingway’s death was a few weeks ago, but his birthday would have been tomorrow.


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