I’m Tired of Thinking About E-Books

The industry will find its way. This is a watershed moment, sure. Maybe even a tipping point. But, bottom line? People still love books; love reading. They still want their stories.

My own reality? January Magazine’s traffic has never been higher. Reader participation is high, as well. Those readers do not care about our trials and our tribulations in bringing the books to them. They want their out of body experience. They want their book, however the hell it’s delivered. They still love their books.

What I’m saying: whatever things we devise right now are interim. This song is far from sung. The industry will shudder, sure. And it should, really. It’s been due for a wake-up up call for a long, long time.

And when those shudders are complete we’ll see what we knew in our hearts would be true all along: the book, whether made by Guttenberg, Simon or Schuster or Steve Jobs will still be a bloody book.


Anonymous said…
Balanced, cogent and exactly what's been in my heart lately. Thanks for putting it so very well.
Clea Simon said…
a story is a story is a story, however told. Good post!
Thanks, guys! There's much more to say, obviously. But I felt in the need of a mini-rant.

Actually, for various reasons, will likely be posting more about e-books in this space over the next while. An ongoing journey for all of us, I think.

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