A Foodie’s Guide to Goodness

In the middle of a crazy busy period, it was almost like a little break to spend some lovely hours with Island Wineries of British Columbia, published recently by Touchwood Editions of Victoria for whom this book is seriously home turf.

As much of my reading does, this ended up with a brief review for January Magazine, which ran yesterday. Among other things, I said that Island Wineries was an “interesting, well-produced and intelligent book that focuses on the the relatively new wine industry springing up on British Columbia’s ‘Big Island.’”

The book was edited by Eat Magazine editor Gary Hynes and I really do recommend it: especially if, like me, you’re ready for some wine and sunshine at the end of what has seemed like a terribly long winter.


Unknown said…
Thanks for the wonderfully written review in January Magazine. Hope you get a chance to tour the Vancouver Island wine region sometime. Cheers, Gary - Editor

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