Wearing A Lot of Hats

Speaking of authors who live in Victoria and edit magazines, I was delighted to hear that my old friend and colleague, Grant McKenzie, had recently been named editor-in-chief of Monday Magazine.

Grant is a very good thriller writer, though we’ve not seen nearly enough of his work yet, I can’t help but think this is a temporary condition. His first novel, Switch, keeps being published in more countries all the time (last I heard, complex Chinese was the next translation) and, more recently, his domestic thriller, No Cry for Help, was published by Bantam to considerable acclaim.

With this new appointment to the Monday editor’s chair, it’s obvious Grant and I are overdue for coffee. After all, don’t you think that the editors of Monday and January magazines need to swap notes on occasion?


Grant McKenzie said…
Thanks, Linda. And, yes, coffee is definitely long overdue :-)

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