Reading: Virtual Reality Without the Dumb-Ass Headgear

Going through the January archives, I came across this from a piece I wrote mid-2010:
In this space I’ve often talked about the full immersion experience of reading. Reading a novel offers an entertainment experience absolutely not duplicable by other mediums. Like virtual reality -- better -- only without all the dumb-ass headgear. And kids today? They know this. It’s why they swallow up all those Twilight and Twilight-like books as quickly as they can be spat out. And, as almost anyone will tell you, once you’ve been seduced by a sexy vampire, you’re only a very few steps from reading of other kinds: just immerse me, dammit! Just... you know... literally take me away.
I like this thought. I like it well enough to want to share it with you here. And so there it is.

I’m doing this archive-searching because we’ve put together an E-Book Publishing Intensive that we’ll teaching in June and I’m writing a piece about it for January and wanted to pull something I said that I can’t quite remember. I’ll keep searching. Meanwhile, though I’ll make a more official announcement soon, the intensive is ready to be talked about, and that link is here. If you’re interested in publishing your own e-book, join us for five days in the sun.


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