Monday Night Dance Break

I’ve been weirdly surprised to discover that I’m not immune to wedding fever. I thought I was. Until a couple of days ago, I didn’t really care that Prince William and Kate Middleton (no relation) were to get married on April 29. To be honest, I’m not sure I had paid enough attention to notice.

So what changed? Is it just, as some of my Facebook friends have said, Royal Wedding Fever? And we’re still more than a week away. By the time we get there, the hoopla may be deafening.

For me what changed was the current issue of Vanity Fair (the issue with the picture of Rob Lowe on the cover, showing his ta tas). The very good coverage the magazine offered is upped by the online edition, which includes webisodes of various wedding-related stuff.

It really crystalized for me, though, when I saw a link to the T-Mobile-sponsored/created wedding dance spoof video embedded here. Not only did I click the link, I watched the goofy thing with a smile.

Some amazing Royal lookalikes here, but think the thing that struck me most -- aside from the hats that really do look as though they might have been designed by royal favorite Philip Treacy -- was the joyousness we see here. Wouldn’t it be nice if life were really like that?


lil Gluckstern said…
Still smiling, thanks for this. Maybe, somewhere in a secret place, this couple will be that joyous. Andrew is a bit of a loose cannon, isn't he?

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