Here Comes The Next Ex and some Bloody Words

The electronic version of The Next Ex will be out within the next few days and I’ll let you know when it’s available. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to share the new cover with you. It was, of course, designed by David Middleton whose particular vision for this series of books has been fantastic. (So fun seeing them come to life.)

I’m particularly excited about this book. For various reasons, it remains my favorite of my published novels. (I know I’m not actually supposed to say that, but there you have it.) I had a great deal of fun with this one and there’s one whole part I still can’t read without holding my breath. (For some reason, that’s a good thing.)

I’ll be in Victoria this coming weekend at the Blood Words Mystery Conference. I’m on two panels and, Friday night, will be participating in a performance of one of the wonderful Michael Slade’s radio plays. If you see me there, please ask me to sign one of my gorgeous new postcards for The Next Ex for you. And even though this is a new electronic book, a traditionally published version will be available for sale in the bookroom.


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