No More High School Literary Abuse

If I were forced to choose one word to described Stephen Mitchell’s new translation of The Illiad, it would be “stunning.” And in so many ways. Mitchell gives the ancient poem a new clarity and verve that makes you realize what previous English translations have been missing. And more.

Yesterday, I reviewed the book on January Magazine. Here’s a taste:
If high school literary abuse makes the very mention of anything by Homer roll your eyes up into your head, you’re in for a treat. This new translation of The Illiad (FreePress) by Stephen Mitchell who starts things off on a wonderful note. “We return to the Illiad because it is one of the monuments of our own magnificence. Its poetry lifts even the most devastating human events into the realm of the beautiful, and it shows us how vast and serene the mind can be even when it contemplates the horrors of war.”
The full review is here.


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