Come Say “Hi” at the Galiano Literary Festival

On February 24th through 26th, I’ll be at the third annual Galiano Literary Festival on Galiano Island, B.C. If you’ve ever wanted to combine a gorgeous, restful weekend away with a full on literary festival, this is a really good option. Galiano is less than an hour by ferry from the British Columbia mainland, yet you feel about a million miles away.

Along with talking about books and reading at every possible turn, I’ll be giving a presentation on electronic books. From a recent press release:
"E-Books are on everyone's minds right now," Richards says. "And they're impacting every aspect of the book industry." Electronic books are touching all segments: readers, authors, publishers and booksellers. Richards has been dealing with e-books on a personal and professional level and is an acknowledged expert on the topic.

"I'm still very much a dead tree kind of girl," the author says. "I love books and everything about them: the way they feel, the heft in the hand. Even the way they smell."

Even so, says Richards, no one can deny that electronic books are creating new opportunities right across the industry. "It's a whole new world," says the author, who has been delighted to introduce thousands of new readers since she began publishing her own backlist electronically in 2011. Richards' presentation at the Festival takes place early on Saturday afternoon and will lightly approach many of the central issues.
Most of the Festival's activities will take place at the Galiano Oceanfront Inn & Spa on Galiano Island. Visit the Festival web site to check their full offerings of workshops, readings and panels covering a wide variety of book and writing-related topics.

Note: the Festival’s gorgeous poster was designed by my partner, David Middleton, who also designed the covers of all of my gorgeous e-books.


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