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I’m glad to finally be able to talk about Death Was in the Blood now that everything -- including the cover -- is official and ready to be talked about. And it’s such a gorgeous cover, too! David Middleton did a great job… again. Thanks, David.

Death Was in the Blood is the third Kitty Pangborn novel. It’s again set in Los Angeles in 1931, this time against the backdrop of preparation for the 1932 Olympic Games that took place in that city. Here’s the official bumph:
In the third Kitty Pangborn novel Kitty finds herself challenged by what-might-have-beens. When Dex is charged with finding out who’s threatening a wealthy industrialist’s daughter, Kitty discovers herself back in the social class she was raised to, only now she’s expected to come in the service entrance. It doesn’t help that the young woman they’ve been hired to look out for doesn’t want Dex and Kitty’s protection: she’s headstrong. willful and in many ways not unlike Kitty herself.
I’ll be talking more about Death Was in the Blood as we move towards the publication date of June 2013. But if you’re so inclined, go ahead and pre-order the book now. These days, that kind of support makes a lot of difference… especially if you’d like to make sure you see more Kitty Pangborn novels in future!

You can pre-order on Amazon or insist that your favorite bookseller bring in scads of them.


Melissa Lodu said…
I can't wait to read this!! I'm just about half way through Death Was in the Picture, and I can't put it down :D

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