Noir at the Bar Vancouver -- March 2015

It must be something about the collaborative nature of these events that makes them so compelling and enjoyable. I mean, anyone with eyes can see we, the authors, are there more to have a good time than any other thing. We’ve been let out for the evening: unchained from our Work in Progress, released from our desks. And we’re there with our friends and colleagues, so any nervousness we might feel in a similar situation without our pals to bolster our confidence just doesn’t appear.

So, yeah: another Noir at the Bar event for Vancouver. A terrific evening and a fun group. From left: Charlotte Morganti, Linda L. Richards, Sam Wiebe, Glynis Whiting, ER Brown, Robin Spano, Owen Laukkanen, Dietrich Kalteis and MC Michael Karl Richards, March 24th at Shebeen Whisk(e)y House, Vancouver.


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