The Blog-o-rific Rap Sheet

Oodles of years ago, when J. Kingston Pierce conceived of The Rap Sheet -- then January Magazine's crime fiction report -- none of us knew how well it would be received and how incredibly it would grow. It grew, in fact, beyond a size that could be easily contained within the confines of a mere Web site. (Even a really large and active one like January.) Almost from the time that blogging technology was first developed, Pierce started making noises about the fact that the thing he was doing with The Sheet would likely be best presented as a blog. And now, finally, all the pieces are in place and we've spun The Rap Sheet off into its own thing, with Pierce still lovingly at the helm, though with a few usual suspects -- yours truly included -- to help him collect all of the vast tidbits that contribute to the world of contemporary crime fiction.

All of The Rap Sheets published on January Magazine are still available on the Web site. But The Sheet is live in its fashionable new home effective right now:


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