Classic Movie Madness

Yesterday my shiny new blog got its first (and second and third) comments from readers. How cool was that? The very first comment came from Sandra Ruttan, editor of Spinetingler Magazine. (And, before you ask, no: us mystery writing chicks who also edit book-related magazines don't have any sort of secret club. Though maybe we should.)

In the way of these things, I promptly trundled off to Sandra's blog, to peek at whatever she might be saying and -- lo! -- I found a link to some fun and silly fritterware: the "What Classic Movie Are You?" quiz on the Similar Minds Web site:

What Classic Movie Are You?
personality tests by

I don't know how this happened. I've never thought of myself as particularly Schindlerific. Not that I wouldn't save people in mortal danger if I could. I mean, I might be heroic. I suspect that I could be, given the right circumstances. It's just that the right circumstances (or would that be the wrong circumstances?) have never come up.

Maybe, when I filled out the test questionnaire, I was in an odd mood. I might have been feeling put upon or somehow otherwise put out. And that could have reflected in the way I filled in the answers. Maybe a few more dots to the left or right and I would have rated a Maltese Falcon or a Wonderful Life. Or -- could I be so lucky? -- a Planet of the Apes. (The original, of course. I don't think anyone is going around calling the Marky Mark version a classic.)

I suppose I really didn't have to guess. I could have taken the test again. But speculation is so much more fun, dontcha think?

What classic movie are you?


Tony Buchsbaum said…
Wuthering Heights. The Olivier version. Who knew?
And I finally broke down and did the Famous Leader quiz. And, guess what? Mother Theresa. (Yup. That's me. Ask anyone. Ask David.) I think their quiz box is broken or something.
Sandra Ruttan said…
Maybe there should be a secret club!

Maybe instead of having a group writer's blog, there should be a group editor's blog. That would be a new twist on things.

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