Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

You can't even make this shit up.

In a case that involved corporate shenanigans that beggared fiction, Enron founder, Kenneth Lay, and his former chief executive, Jeffrey Skilling were both found guilty Thursday of what The London Times referred to as, "conspiring to commit one of the biggest frauds in US corporate history." Lay faces a maximum of 165 years in jail, Skilling will do a maximum of 185 years.

WebCPA said:
Once the country's seventh-largest company with a market value of $68 billion, Enron's December 2001 bankruptcy filing wiped out more than $1 billion in retirement funds. Investors suing over the company's collapse have claimed that the energy giant's accounting fraud and earnings manipulations cost them upwards of $25 billion.
What they did was heinous. It's nice to see them found guilty of most of the charges leveled at them. I'll be tuning in September 11 (Ironic, what?) for their sentencing.


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