Reality bites... again

It's really not a slow news day but, based on the headlines this story is getting, you'd think so. Ohio highways worker and Survivor survivor, Chris Daugherty, lied to his bosses in order to get time off to do a European promotional tour of Europe in 2005. (Promoting Survivor, not the DOT.)

Now the Ohio Department of Transportation has released the findings of an "investigation" that suggests Daugherty didn't tell the truth about a stress leave he asked for from the Department.

So why am I even commenting on this? I'm not even really sure. It almost feels like stupid pet tricks, the whole thing is so dumb. And there are layers of dumbness in the dumbosity.

Check it: a once in a lifetime European tour in doing-it-up-right celebrity style or -- I dunno -- testing the density of pavement and leaning on a shovel. Tough choice, right? It's a job. Who cares? There are more where that came from.

Check it also: the news items I've read on this have the slightest tinge of outrage about them. No matter how you slice it, it looks like Daugherty lied. How dare he? And yet: once again, who cares? Like it's my business? Like it's yours? It's not like he's a politician or a school trustee or a teacher or anything else where not telling the truth is a serious public issue. He is a 35-year-old highways worker making 34K a year. And now he's a reality TV "star."

Check it the most: this is not news. DC's Rayburn House getting locked down because a gunman was maybe around and preparing to wreak havoc? That's news. Michael Hayden getting confirmed as chief of The Company? News also. And Australian troops trying to prevent war in East Timor? Big news by anyone's calculation. But a post-slacker shovel leaner from Ohio who invested some of his precious and god-given minutes in order to make good on his 15 minutes? Not news.


Alyssa said…
Is that the best headline that they could come up with ?
Wait a minute: I don't get it. The best headline who could come up with for what?

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