Still digging...

I don't know why I'm so fascinated by this whole Jimmy Hoffa thing. I mean, before the Feds started the current excavation in Michigan, I hadn't thought about the old Teamster for years and years and years. Maybe more because, even though I was alive and everything when Hoffa went missing, it's still a little before my time, if you follow my drift.

Anyway, this whole digging for Hoffa (Is that like Waiting for Guffman? Not really, I guess. That'd be a whole different film.) has gotten a little out of control. First, since Hoffa has been missing since 1975, it's all a bit more like an archeological dig than a crime scene investigation. That is, just like when explorers poke around for ancient civilizations, they're looking for something that might be there, rather than something that either definitely was or still is, even if it's in some weird modern form.

But even if, by some Twilight Zone-like miracle, they do find Hoffa's mildewed, three-plus decade old remains, it still doesn't mean they'll know who did it. In fact, they probably won't.

"Just because you find a body," prosecutor David Gorcyca told Newsweek for the May 29th edition, "doesn't mean you solve the crime."

The digging -- and speculating -- continues.


Sandra Ruttan said…
It is fascinating. One those those lines that become part of our language, to make someone disappear like Hoffa. It's ominous, because you think that means dead, but there's still a bit of wiggle room for doubt.

So, finding him might not solve the crime, but it puts everybody one step closer to the truth.
Yeah except, I've been following the story and it doesn't look like they're going to turn him up this time. Drat! Oh well... I guess we're back to the pina colada and orange Speedo theory. Or something.

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