Taylor Hicks for President? or Reality Bites

This is just sad.

According to The London Times, 64 million American Idol viewers cast their votes Thursday night. That's "more votes," according to The Times, "than any US president has received."

So, OK: that might be food for thought for those currying a president for the next election. Forget policy, (or did they take care of that part already?) forget big speeches, the kissing of babies and debates. The real question needs to be, can the candidate sing?

It is only my opinion (and where better to voice my opinion than on my blog?), but American Idol sucks. How is it possible that so many people actually care about this when there is so much -- so much -- else in the world to care about? Can we be done with it now, please? Can we have some real TV? And by "real" I of course mean containing less reality.


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