When everything lost is found again

Are you ready for this?

The FBI got a tip that the body of teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa, missing since 1975, was dumped, buried or otherwise disposed of at a Detroit area horse farm. As I write this, the Feds are out in Milford Township with shovels and perhaps heavy equipment, looking for the man whose disappearance has become part of our vernacular.

And just in case you ever thought Hoffa had just slid off to someplace sunny and had been sipping piña coladas while wearing a bright orange Speedo ever since, the possibility of that dims all the time. (The possibility of
piña coladas and Speedos, I mean.) Hoffa was 62 when he disappeared. So it'd probably be more like prune juice and stretchy pants by now anyway.

Film at 11, as it were.


"Orange Speedos" I'm not even going to guess where that came from.
Sandra Ruttan said…
Man, could you imagine if they actually found him after all this time?

It would be like proving Elvis is dead to some people.

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