Miller Refuses to Name Commies

Today in history, on this day in 1956 playwright Arthur Miller defied the House Committee on Un-American Activities and refused to name suspected communists, which got him a conviction for contempt of court (later reversed by the Supreme Court), but he could still look at himself in the mirror.

He had other worries, though. 1956 was also the year Miller divorced his first wife to marry superstar Marilyn Monroe (the couple divorced in 1961).

Miller died on February 10, 2005 at age 89 of congestive heart failure.

More history: on this day in 1986, (read that: 20 years ago) "Vienna Calling" by Falco peaked at #18 on the Billboard charts,
Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson signed with the Kansas City Royals and Prince William celebrated his fourth birthday.

If these facts seem fun, it's possible to make your own time capsule here.


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