Zoiks! It's the Day of the Beast!

Gosh: where do I find this stuff? This time, it's from the good folks at Ed Rants (I guess, more accurately, that would be from Ed himself) who points out that June 6, 2006 is a very special day.

And, sure: I could make up some funny stuff to say here, but Ed already did a great job when summing up the wild and wacky stuff that might happen on June 6, 2006:
Three sixes will line up magically upon the calendar. What are you going to do? Unless you plan on placing yourself in deep hibernation, you may never see such a calendar combination again! Sure, you can take the easy route and see The Omen remake. But I contend that the real and the hardcore will follow the instructions. Skip work and listen to Slayer!
OK: so here's the truth. Personally, I truly would rather listen to Slayer than see the new Omen movie (c'mon: Julia Styles as mom?) and I really, really am no kind of Slayer fan. (Is there even still such a thing as a Slayer fan?)

When he's not pointing us at National Day of Slayer, Ed is better known as a welcome contributor to January Magazine and the devious mind behind The Bat Segundo Show, "
A podcast in tenebrous standing. Starring Jorge, Bat Segundo and the Young, Roving Correspondent. Features lengthy interviews with contemporary authors." Ed manages to blend silly and insightful quite artfully. And, obviously, I'm a fan.


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