Live From Channel Four

Well, not exactly live. And not precisely channel four... but, today on Julia Buckley’s blog, an interview with me. (And you even get to see a picture of my dog.) I talk about... well, my dog, living in sin, how I came to set the Madeline Carter novels against the backdrop of the stock market and about finding the place in the world where you’re meant to be.

Julia is the author of The Dark Backward, out this month from Midnight Ink. She’s having a gala author interview month on her blog. Thus far she’s interviewed yours truly, plus Betty Webb, Kendra Clayton, Bill Cameron and Caroline Upcher. Others will be hard on our heels.

The interview is here.


Julia Buckley said…
And it was a very fun interview! Thanks, Linda!
Anonymous said…
Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

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