Me? An Evacuee?

You just don't think you'll ever have to think of yourself as an evacuee. Yet... here we are. We were evacutated from our home Sunday evening. The photo at left represents pretty much what we saw in our neighborhood at that time.

I'm safe and far from the fire. David and Jett the Insane Wonderdog are here, as well. We're frightened but, last we heard, our house was still standing, though we're not allowed to be anywhere near it. And the Internet connection I have is spotty. More when we're out the other side.

P.S. The baby barn swallows took flight a few days ago. I'm glad.


Sandra Ruttan said…
Linda, I know how protective you are of where you live, so I'm doubly glad that you posted this. I was shocked to hear the news when I got back to Canada last night, and worried.

I'm so glad to know you're okay. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Andi said…
Gods Linda this just SUCKS. You and David be safe and I hope all turns out well. Damn.
Thanks you guys. I'm hoping stuff gets back to normal very soon. It's been scary and stressful in surprising ways. Nice to be home tonight. Nice, also, to have known you were thinking about me. Like an anchor in the real world. Thanks.

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