New Spinetingler

I've been so busy writing and thinking about fires, that I didn't get the chance to mention that the new issue of Spinetingler Magazine is now available.

It's a little bit all Lou Allin all the time -- and that's OK, but a bit remarkable -- with a conversation between Allin and Vicki Delaney; stories by John M. Floyd, Michael Hennessey, Selaine Henriksen, Sammy Montana, Susan Fleming, Bradley Somer, Martha Reed and Allin and reviews by Sandra Ruttan, M. Wayne Cunningham and Allin s'more.

And one of the reviews by Cunningham is of the second Madeline Carter novel, The Next Ex. You can see that review here.

Allin, who is the author of the Belle Palmer series, is currently on a big ol' road trip, traveling in a camper with her dogs from down east to out west. It will be interesting to see if Belle is influenced by the journey.


Sandra Ruttan said…
Thanks for mentioning it Linda!
Julia Buckley said…
I enjoyed my recent interviews with Lou Allin, Vicki Delany and you, Linda Richards. (And, coming soon, Sandra Ruttan!)

Canadian writers rule!

Sandra, like I said, I would have mentioned it sooner, but for that pesky fire!

And Julia: you've turned into the interview maven lately. What fun! Who have you got coming up?
Ummm... who have you got coming up besides Sandra, I mean. That one I figured out.

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