The Sky Is Falling! The Sky...

Near as I can gather, as I write this an asteroid is flying about as close to earth as an asteroid can without turning the whole planet into spacefront real estate.

According to Novosti, the Russian news and information agency:

The asteroid, known as 2004 XP14 and an estimated 800 meters wide, will pass about 433,000 kilometers (269,000 miles) from Earth, which is still too far to pose any threat either to the planet itself or to any of its orbital satellites, said Nikolai Ivanov, the chief ballistic expert at Russian Mission Control, outside Moscow.

Yeah. That's what they say now. Didn't anyone see Deep Impact? (Actually, scratch that: it was not a movie particularly worth seeing.) And that was a comet. Still: Asteroid/Comet. (Tow-May-Tow/Tow-Mah-Tow.) In the case of a big ol' collision, no one will be splitting hairs.

The Denver Channel was less circumspect:

Scientists said if it were just a bit larger, it could have been capable of wiping out most life on Earth, if it had hit.


I've had a headache all day. Could it be due to an asteroid-caused imbalance to my chi?


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