Still Holding

We went to a community meeting this afternoon. It was a bit of a mediafest. In fact, they let the media -- both national and local -- set up in front of those of us that were there to find out what was going on with our homes. I found this a bit upsetting but maybe it's just me. Or maybe I was just in the mood to be upset. (But I didn't go off or anything. I figured everyone has enough to deal with.)

The photo at left shows what I saw from where I was sitting: the backs of a lot of media types who were busy getting footage of the officials who were there to tell us important stuff plus get additional file-type footage of mums and babies and what they probably figured were typical island characters. Film at eleven? You know it, baby.

Here is what we learned at the meeting... well a lot of stuff but, most important to us at this point:

1. Our house is still standing, and...

2. We can't go home yet.

Some people were able to go home today, but not us. Not unreasonable, though, as our house is closer to the fire. Still. You want to go home. And that wanting feels petty. It feels, in fact, unreasonable. There are many horrid things going on in the world right now. We're lucky to be displaced here. And we tell ourselves that -- out loud and in our heads -- several times a day. But we're worried about our island and -- honestly? -- we're still worried about our house. And we want our own beds. And I want my soaker tub. And -- damnit, be honest -- we want our lives back.


patty smiley said…
Linda, so sorry to hear about your plight. Although my house is in a part of the city of Los Angeles where the fire risk is minimal, I have friends who live in the surrounding hills who face this threat every year. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your safe return.
Thanks, Patty! And your comments remind me: what the hell is with me and fire-prone areas, anyway? I need to re-evaluate my choices of places to live. I remember the Malibu fires all too well. And, as you say, the threat there sometimes seemed fairly constant at certain times of the year. It is here, as well. But it's different. I've been told, for instance, that this was the worst fire Galiano has seen since 1951. Yikes! And, from what I gather, at least part of the worst of it happened in an area where I walk pretty regularly. (Though not this week!) Too close to home.

Thanks again for your good wishes.

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