A Thought for Sunday

“The whole Christian interlude has been a denial of life, a denial of God, a denial of the Spirit. Freedom has not even been dreamed of yet.”
Henry Miller (1891-1980)


Sandra Ruttan said…
I'm smiling, but staying far far away from offering my $2 worth on this topic!
Awww... c'mon, c'mon. You know you want to!
Sandra Ruttan said…
But do you really want to hear me go at this topic? I mean, think about it. For a milisecond, and then tell me you do. Because you don't.

Nobody wants to invite a Bible school grad and former missionary to take a shot at Christianity. We'd be here forever...
Forever is not a problem. Or maybe it is. (Depending on which side of the fence you fall.) I would think Bible school grads who are also former missionaries would probably take the very best shots.
Sandra Ruttan said…
You might be right! But I try to actually apply the belief that my religious beliefs are none of anyone's business and seldom talk about it.

I'll quote you some Steve Taylor that I always comes to mind, though:

"Sell a mirage," says The Voice of The Cunning
button-down yes-men market it well
"Sell a mirage adn the hordes come running."
cheap grace rains like pennies from hell

In the cool flame flickers some psychopath stickman
weeping to the cameras
begging for trust
but the seeds lie here
in a proud heart needing your covering under...

Under the blood...

Shutter the room
there's a Light penetrating
stickmen tremble and cover their eyes
shutter this room
there's a judgement waiting
cheap grace rains down quite a surprise

In the stained glass ghetto
there's a hired hand setting up a table
in remembrance of no one at all
and if I'm that man
could your mercy bring me back
into communion?

I love Steve Taylor. The Christian rock artist who wore a dress and recorded a song singing as a woman named Mrs. Aryan... Speaking of social commentary:

The lyrics don't quite go far enough to tell you WHO the kids through out at the end.
Sandra said: "...I try to actually apply the belief that my religious beliefs are none of anyone's business and seldom talk about it."

Yeah, OK. I buy that. Me too, for that matter. But you were the one who came in fluttering the "staying far far away" from this topic banner. (Which is a little like a red cape.)

And you can probably guess where I am with it all: I was the one who posted the Henry Miller quote, after all. (Miller can be subtle, but seldom ambiguous.)

I see why you like those lyrics: they're as nuanced as a good crime fiction novel.
Sandra Ruttan said…
My problem is, I would demolish someone's views and do it without batting an eye, because my own repulsion with some things is just so strong.

This comment would have inspired me to not talk about what I believe in, but what I don't believe in, which may be like splitting hairs. Is it? I'm not sure. But It's also such a personal topic, I'm not sure if the reason I avoid it is because I'm chicken.

I have a whole book plot based on an experience of mine that relates to this, but I find it harder to face writing than the grittiest crime fiction.
Anonymous said…
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