Toughing It Out In Paradise, Part II

This is the view I'm in while I type this. Do you see why disaster is difficult to believe in at the moment? And then you hear the distinctive whap-whap-whap of the huge water bombing helictopter bringing another load to the fire and it reminds you, as though you ever really forgot.

The television news all sounds cheerier today. I'm hoping for good news at today's meeting. I'm not champing at the bit: I know they're keeping us away for our safety and possibly their own, not just to be mean. And when it's safe all around, we'll go home. And it will be lovely to be there. Lovely to have a home. There were times Sunday night and into Monday when we weren't so sure that we would.


I've been to Galiano Island a number of times and can't believe that they can't put this fire out.
Keep the pics coming. Do you have any of the damage?
Elaine Flinn said…
Let me add my best thoughts, my prayers and hopes for the safety of your home and your positive spirit.
Sand Storm, they're putting it out, all right. But I gather it's a process. Rain forests are very flammable. And I think they let some of the media up to the front lines: I've seen some footage of leaping flames on the news, at any rate. If you were interested, you could go google galiano+fire. That brings up some pretty interesting stuff. I guess when I start walking up there again I'll probably take a camera one day and cry through the lens while I take some pictures, but I can't imagine that will be for a few weeks yet.

Elaine: thanks for your good wishes. Right this second, it seems like they've come true. Thank you.

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