All Sandra. All the Time.

Today is Sandra Ruttan day in the crime fiction blogosphere, at least a little bit. I’ll tell you how I know this.

First there’s her post on her own blog, Sandrablabber, but that happens every day. Then there’s her weekly musings on The Killer Year Blog. (Yeah: she’s one of those.) Sandra’s post this week is particularly introspective and beautifully wrought.

And finally (as far as I know... but there may be more Sandra still to come today. Who knows?) Author Julia Buckley adds Sandra to her massively growing collection of interviews. Buckley asks Ruttan about her debut novel,
Suspicious Circumstances, about meeting her hero, Ian Rankin, and how she met her husband.

And all of this months before Suspicious Circumstances is due to arrive. Clearly, Sandra is someone who knows how to build suspense.

Buckley, who is the author of The Dark Backward, seems determined to interview every mystery author she can get her mitts on. I don’t have a count, but I think she may have published a full score of interviews on her blog since she started on this interviewing journey back in July. (Julia? Can that be right? Are you keeping track? How many?) In addition to Sandra, Buckley has spoken with Deb Baker, Chester Campbell, Jeffrey Cohen, Vicki Delany, Denise Dietz, Sheldon Goldfarb, Libby Hellmann, Raymond John, Ann Parker, Twist Phelan, Peter James Quirk, Lea Wait, Betty Webb and many others, including back in the dark recesses of July... me.


Sandra Ruttan said…
Oddly enough, I just found myself mentioned by Daniel Hatadi in his last blog post too.

I fear everyone is in danger of overdosing. I should be a banned substance.
Hey, hey... what would evilkev say about that? (The banned substance, I mean. I suspect he'd think it was a nice way to overdose)
Evil Kev said…
The problem was that last time I overdosed, I spent two weeks in Rehab then was required to join SA.

But can anyone get too much of Sandra?

She told me to say 'No'
M. G. Tarquini said…
I referenced Sandra also because it seems to be the latest trend.
evil kev checked in. How cool is that? I wasn't sure if you actually existed. Just a certain redhead's wishful dream. "And he's a talented writer himself, is he? And brilliant? And a firefighter. Right. Sure. No... no... of course. We believe you."

And M.G. said, "I referenced Sandra also because it seems to be the latest trend." I went and checked. Great post, too, M.G. And not only the part about our Sandra.
M. G. Tarquini said…
While driving my kids to sports camp today, I passed a group of firefighters hanging about on the sidewalk, sweltering in their suspenders.


Glad you liked the post, Linda. Don't be a stranger.
Julia Buckley said…
Yes, Linda, it's at least a score. I admitted my addiction on DorothyL today. Hello, my name is Julia, and I like to ask nosy questions.

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