Martha Stewart and P.D. James... Separated At Birth?

What do marketing maven Martha Stewart and mystery author P.D. James have in common? Well, actually, more than you might think (they’re both mega-selling authors, for one thing) but, notably, they share a birthday: today August 3rd. Stewart was born in 1941 and James in 1920.

Happy Birthday, ladies.

Oh, and that separated at birth thing? It was a teensy bit of a misdirect. I just couldn't think of a snappy headline.


Sandra Ruttan said…
PD James was at Harrogate. She looks fantastic - I have a nice picture of her on the patio.
I'm glad to hear she looks fantastic, because she certainly is! Don't know if you saw the birthday thang I did about her over at The Rap Sheet.
Anonymous said…
I saw her (PD James not Martha) in London at a Wynkyn de Worde luncheon 2 or 3 years ago. She was absolutely delightful and held our attention for the entire time, something that many of the other speakers (6 times a year) failed to achieve. . . .
I love to hear about esteemed writers who are just as smashing in person as we'd like them to be when we read their books. You hear the opposite too often, though I tend to think some of those stories come out of the author having a bad day or a bad interview or a bad lunch rather than them being a bad person, if you follow.

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