And Then There Were Three

I wonder if it ever gets old? On the official publication date of my third novel I gotta say that, from where I’m standing, it does not.

There is something extraordinary about holding in your hands -- or seeing in a library or bookstore, or hearing about from readers, or reading about on the Web or... -- this whole thing that started life as a thought, or not even. It started out as a shadow of a thought, a half a handful of ghosts of ideas. And then one day, a box arrives. A box of ideas earthbound in the form of a book. It’s a little like magic: poof! And there you are.

Calculated Loss is the third book in the Madeline Carter series. For those who’ve missed this part of my story in the past, I didn’t set out to create a series. Rather, when writing Mad Money, the first Madeline Carter novel, I had too many good ideas to cram them all into a single volume. I kept saying: Well, what if this happened? And: What about that.

So I didn’t intend to spend this much time in Madeline’s world, but I’ve enjoyed just about every second here. And none of the moments -- in all of the exciting moments on the path to publication -- match this one. Thank you for sharing it with me.

You can read an excerpt of Calculated Loss on January Magazine.


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