Just Close Your Eyes

Ed Champion, January Magazine contributing editor and the power and muscle behind Return of the Reluctant and The Bat Segundo Show, got lambasted in Time Magazine this week. (Yes: that Time Magazine.)

Book critic Lev Grossman devoted much of an essay to our Ed. It’s pretty funny stuff.

His name is Edward Champion, or at least I assume it is. That's the name he blogs under. I've never met him. I don't know what he looks like, how old he is, or pretty much anything about him (or her?). Except that every few months he calls me an idiot on his website.

Idiot may not be his exact word. I'm not actually sure of his exact words, because I have a hard time reading his blog entries. I don't really look at them directly--I'm kind of hypersensitive to criticism, so I just side-glance at them, squinting, with my head at an angle to the monitor. I do know that in the past Edward Champion has called me a "chickenhead" and "the Uwe Boll of the book reviewing world." (Boll, the man responsible for House of the Dead and BloodRayne, is widely believed to be the worst director in the world, if not of all time.) Champion has also tossed out "preposterous," "irrelevant" and "malarkey." The first time I noticed Ed criticizing my writing I e-mailed him a response. His answer was so sarcastic it practically damaged my retinas.

There’s lots more here.

And Ed sends a fruit basket here.


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