"Linda Stinks" and The Flintstones

If you type the words “linda stinks” into Google, you come to this blog. I feel a little pleased and a little odd about that. It’s difficult to explain.

You may well ask: “How on earth would she know that?” Easy: I saw it on the blog logs. Crazy, sometimes, how people get here. (And if you’ve arrived here by Googling “Linda Stinks,” welcome. I just don’t know what else to say.)

I wonder what the unsuspecting think of this particular mix? (Or the suspecting, for that matter.)

Another tidbit, and then I’ll go away and do something that looks more like work:

Today is a tres important anniversary. The Flintstones debuted on this day in 1960, it was the first animated prime-time show. And now it’s a verb: to Flintstone. (As in Flintstoning a car. Think about it.)


Peter said…
I have never felt entirely comfortable with Hanna-Barbera, the pioneers of crappy animation.

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