Madeline Down Under

Although the Madeline Carter books have been available internationally since the publication of the first book in the series -- Mad Money, in 2004 -- no non-U.S. editions have been published. Until now.

The Australian edition of Calculated Loss goes on sale in October. I'm excited about it because this will be the first Madeline Carter novel to be translated. OK, it’s true: an Australian translation would not have been as taxing to the translators as one in Hungarian or Swahili. Still.

I’m anticipating that any changes to the text will be subtle, like those I can spot on the cover. The cover image is the same, but the typography is different. The knife is in a different position and a red banner has been added. Subtle.

Though the first two Madeline Carter books enjoyed a healthy Australian readership, I suspect an actual Australian edition means the publishers expect more. So if you’ve wandered onto my blog from Down Under, g’day and welcome. I’m looking forward to hearing if the spirit of the story translated as well as the knife.


Deni Dietz said…
What fun! to see your book in another...language? Well, country. The closest I've come is "Footprints in the Butter" - a large-print edition that was published by BBC Library :)

In the Aussie edition, does Mad use the loo?
I haven't seen the Australian edition yet! I'll let you know when I do. Though I doubt they did that much "translating." I'm thinking maybe harbours and colours and neighbours and such.
Sandra Ruttan said…
Congratulations Linda! That's fantastic!

I hope it does well for you down under. I bet it will be exciting to hold that issue in your hands!
Elaine Flinn said…
But, uh - what are they translating? :) Whatever - congrats to you Linda for 'going down under'.

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