A Nod From Forbes

Forgive me but, for the next few days -- maybe even up to a week -- everything with me is all Calculated Loss all the time. I can’t help myself. It seems to come with the territory. I’m like that new mom, shoving pictures of her newborn right into the face of anyone who will sit still for it long enough. So here’s today’s picture of my newborn:

This is fairly meaningless, but also kinda fun. Shoulder to shoulder with books on all sorts of aspects of all sorts of business -- from tipping points to moving cheeses and hedgehogging, Forbes Magazine has included my latest novel in their book club.

I’m guessing that’s because, like all of the Madeline Carter books, Calculated Loss is set against a backdrop of high finance and corporate crime (though this time with a dollop of haute cuisine, as well). But don’t let that scare you. Although readers report that they come away from a Madeline Carter novel feeling as though they know a bit more about the stock market than they did going in, there is virtually no math involved.

The direct track to Calculated Loss on the Forbes Magazine book club Web site is here.


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