Oh Bubblicious Me...

I’m feeling quite honored to be getting the Bubble treatment from Elaine Flinn (that’s her on the left) over at Murderati today. And I’m in such good company, too. Flinn, who is the author of the Molly Doyle mysteries, has recently Bubbleized Dylan Schaffer (an adventure in two parts), Julia Spencer-Fleming, Sarah Weinman, Tess Gerritsen, Chassie West, Alex Kava and a bunch of others. In fact, Flinn does an interview every week.

The humor impaired should note that I’m not in discussions with either Joan Rivers or Pam Anderson’s people, and my people aren’t in discussions with their people. And I don’t dance around on my deck in a tutu. (Though I guess I might if I actually had a tutu to dance in.) Part of the fun of the Bubble is that Flinn... well, Flinn just makes this stuff up and then her subjects make stuff up and then... oh never mind. Just go and see for yourself.

(How do you spell “bubblicious” anyway?)


Elaine Flinn said…
It was my ABSOLUTE pleasure and tons of fun to have you On The Bubble today! And I love 'Bubblicious'! I'm gonna steal that one too.

You were a terrific sport, Linda - to put up with me and my goofy questions...but hey...life is too short to be serious all the time, right? Besides..writers need a laugh every now and then!
Oh heck, Elaine, admit it: being an author is nothing but a big ol' barrel o' laughs. Am I right, or am I right?

Anyway, thanks again. It was tres fun.
Deni Dietz said…
I should post comments more often, since Linda's blog is one of the blogs I have bookmarked. Congrats on Calculated Loss, kiddo - I'll have to add it to my collection - and I totally loved your interview on Murderati.

[LOL the newscaster who left her mic on!]

Deni Dietz
Hey Deni! Great to see you here. And please do comment when you drop by. Your contributions are most welcome here as they are everywhere you go!
JT Ellison said…
Loved having you on Murderati, Linda. Do come back soon, won't you? :)
JT, it seems it's tough to keep me away. I was there today blabbing away in comments again.

Hang about: look who all has commented on this posting. What is this, Murderati North?

(No complaints, guys. It's great of you to drop by.)

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