The Page 69 Test

It was interesting to apply the page 69 test to my latest book. The results are at the Campaign for the American Reader blog.

Marshal Zeringue is the executive director of the Campaign for the American Reader. In the introduction to the blog, he writes, “The goal of this blog is to inspire more people to spend more time reading books. I’ll try to do that by shining a little light on books that I like and think others might find worthy of their time and attention.” A sentiment most of us can applaud. You can read the full note here.

Zeringue has only recently started having authors apply the page 69 test to their own books and sharing the results on the blog. Thus far he’s had the test applied to books by Alan Brown, Shari Caudron, Richard Dawkins, Ronlyn Domingue, Kevin Guilfoile, Steven Miles, Marisha Pessl, John Sutherland and now me.

You can see the results of the page 69 test applied to Calculated Loss here.


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