When Did They Move NYC Into Canada?

Today I was reading about New York City’s ban on trans fats. It seems a little like a ban on pollution, doesn’t it? I mean, sure: both of those things are bad. But banning them seems silly somehow. Like there aren’t enough things against the law already.

It also made me wonder when they’d moved NYC to Canada, because the whole banning things seems like a very Canadian reaction: don’t hesitate, legislate. (And, yes: I’m allowed to say stuff like that. I’m Canadian.) After all, why bother to make a plan when all you have to do is jerk your knee?

Also today, (this could seem unrelated, but I’ll get to it) socialite heiress Paris Hilton (who is not, BTW, Canadian) was charged with drunk driving. The actual driving part took place on September 7th. According to Hollywood.com:

She later told KIIS-FM radio in an interview that she had been to a charity fund-raising party after a long day shooting a music video and had just one drink. “I had one margarita (and) was starving because I had not eaten all day,” she said. “Maybe I was speeding a little bit and I got pulled over. I was just really hungry and I wanted to have an In-N-Out Burger.”

See, there’s the connection: If poor famished Paris had been given reasonable access to trans fats, none of this would have happened. Life is simple, after all.


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