Feelin’ Hallow-Weenie While Fighting Cooties

I’ve been neglecting this blog, but I’m full of excuses. (The dawg ate my homework?)

I’m sick (she whined). And I’m feelin’ sorry for myself. I have a cold, David has half our house torn up (For the good of all, I’m told. But, in the meantime, all the hammering isn’t doing much for my headache.) and I’m just feeling generally miserable.

All of those whines means it’s a super-good thing I planned for Halloween in advance and reviewed a season-appropriate book for January Magazine before the seasonal cooties caught up with me.

The book in question is Ghostly Ruins: America's Forgotten Architecture by Harry Skrdla. (And, no: the name is not a typo. He really doesn’t have a lot of vowels.) I adored this book.

Ghostly Ruins is an art book, but it's so much more, as well. Students of architecture, lovers of art and those with an affection for true Americana will all find something to cherish in these pages.

My review of Ghostly Ruins is here.

Now back to my regularly scheduled Neo Citran so I can return to you whine-free.


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