Happy Birthday to Us

Today is the birthday of NHL left-winger Miroslav Satan (how can anyone resist that name?), actor Jeff Goldblum (previously Mr. Geena Davis), actress and international beauty Catherine Deneuve, former Mousketeer Annette Funicello, crime writer extraordinaire Ann Rule. And me.

Happy birthday to us.

I still have a somewhat childlike anticipation for birthdays. The whole aging thing that gives birthdays such a bad reputation is highly overstated. Considering the realistic alternative, getting older is definitely a Good Thing.

Beyond the simple joy of being alive, I like the things that go with birthdays. The gifts and thoughts from loved ones, the special food (let us all eat cake!), and just the setting aside of one day that’s sort of your own. I tend to use it to indulge slightly (a bath, a special walk, more cake...) and to contemplate a bit. Where am I going? Is it the direction I intended? Did the year behind me contain all of the things I wanted/expected it to? Stuff like that.

Thanks for sharing a bit of this one with me.


Happy Birthday!

ah Catherine Deneuve...remarkable!
Hey! Thanks. It was a great day, too. Everything a birthday should be.
I, too, love birthdays. Though I rarely admit to anybody when my own birthday occurs. Glad to hear that your latest was a winner.
Anonymous said…
Just for the record. During his first few seasons in the N.H.L. everyone pronounced his name just as it sounds, as in Satan over to Weight back to Satan and the dark lord scores! Since then sportscasters, seemingly all at once and without any tip to to any one else started pronouncing it Shatan. Still spelled the same but apparantly in Slovakia that says Shatan. I have my doubts.
P.S. Happy Birthday again
Evil E said…
And my fondest wish to you - is many, many more.

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