Writers and Mimes and Dancing, Oh My

Here’s me on the set of A Total Write Off, a television series coming to a TV screen near you in the not so distant future and hosted by Barbara North (also pictured).

There are other people in the photo as well. Other writers. They were all super fun and nice and talented and I’m feeling extremely lame for not having their names in hand to add to this brief note. I’ll get them, however, when I’m back in my studio and I’ll share them with you then (their names, that is) as well as more about the show, which was a lot more fun and interesting than it sounds when you’re told it’s going to be a bunch of writers writing and then some dancing mimes acting out what was written. With a live studio audience.

I’m back home on Saturday and will add more then. Meanwhile, back to the Western Canadian portion of the Calculated Loss book tour.


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